Ok, I'm bad at blogging...

Obviously I don't post lots of blogs.  I do, however, update the rest of the website regularly.  Except the downloadable resumes, ignore that for now. My director's resume page: here on this site has the up to date projects.  I am generally working on a show and then I seem to have no time left, or desire, to write a blog entry.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to work and create so I jump into those projects with a tunnel vision.

Some more projects...

I’m terrible at writing a blog…truly.  I am, however, determined to improve - that’s a start.  Let’s see, Hamlet just closed at Post5.

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom...and more

Ok. So Obviously I don’t write a lot of blogs.  I prefer to speak through my work.  I spend all my time thinking and working on whatever projects I can find, manufacture or just plain luck into.  I am “nerdly” obsessed.  A lot has been happening since the last time I made a post.  I just finished directing David Zellnik’s Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom at defunkt  theatre.